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70 years of Ayurvedic health care service

A journey back in time...

to the health and vigour of youth

Sreedhari Ayurvedic Resorts

Sreedhari Ayurvedic Resorts symbolizes a continuing tradition of ayurvedic healthcare service-one that began nearly 70 years ago with the inception of the Sreedhari group.An established name in ayurvedic treatment and production of ayurvedic medicines,Sreedhari Group is the driving force behind this venture. The resorts is ideally located on a verdant stretch of land, flanked by the serene water of peechi river. The cottages,treatment room,dispensary and office building are all so designed as to preserve the natural beauty of the locale. The greenary of the site has been left antecedent the buildings blend unobtrusively with the sylvan surroundings.


Touch of healing...

Authentic ayurveda...


"Having spent two beautiful weeks on Sreedhari Ayurvedic Resort, I now know what true relaxation is. I was introduced to a varied and delicious vegan cuisine, which includes many beautiful fruits and vegetables, actually grown on the property. I was also encouraged to relax far more than I have allowed myself to do in years. The different treatments were amazing and taught me much about the ancient practices of Ayurvedic medicines.

Each member of staff made me feel values and welcome. Since leaving, the quality of my sleep has improved as well as my skin and my digestion. I also lost weight, which I have been a lot to keep off. It was an incredible experience, and one I would most definetly recommended to any one wanting to improve their health, focus their mind and relax."

"It has been a pleasure to spend the last two weeks here in a beautiful, secluded, quiet atmosphere while receiving rejuvenative treatments. I am confident that anyone who comes here ready to follow the required discipline will gain as much as i have, from the program.

My hope is that in the future, many will come to sreedhari to enjoy the environment as they participate in their own personal recreation, facilitated so admirably by your institution."

"3 weeks 3 days. I agree with Dr. Suoboda, being here, fully attending to one's prescribed program, rebalancing and restoration are the out come. For anyone. For everyone. Thank you. Nanni."

"I had rejuvenating treatment for a week and even in such a short space of time I have gained a lot of inner peace, love & happiness, not to mention all the detoxifying and renewing of the body cells. This place has a lot of potential for us westerners, who do take care of our health in a preventive way. Having the very original ancient ayurvedic treatment, supported by gentle vegetarian diet have to be the very best. Eating fresh papayas & sweetest bananas fromn the trees surrounding the resort is just a dream."