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Therapeutic programs

1. Sirodhara: HIghly medicated special oil is poured on the forehead continuously. THis will tune up the brain and will improve memory. This treatment is also good for preventing and curing diseases like paralysis and other neurological ailments.

2. Pizhichil: Patient is made to lie on a treatment table as is in dhara. Medicated oil is applied on head and body. Then a cotton cloth soaked in warm medicated oil is squeezed all over the patient?s body followed by a gently massage. This is done on body below neck region for one hour. This therapy is found to be effective is treating vata, Rheumatic complaints, wasting of muscles and stress management.

3. Kizhi : For the treatment med oil is applied on the head and body. The bags are then dipped in med oil/processed milk and then applied all over the patient's body. This is rather an induced perspiration employed in neurological disorders, rheumatic complaints, muscle wasting, to other inflammatory conditions and pain. It restores the reduced energy, improves complexion and prepare the person to bear the stress and strain of busy life

4. Navara Kizhi : This is done with small cotton bags filled with cooked Navara Rice after a liberal application of the medicated oil over the body. This rice is cooked in cow's milk with a herbal decoction. the bag is then dipped in the same mixture and then applied by two masseurs over the body of the patient. The process is continued for one hour.Ela Kizhi - Cotton bags contain fried leaves.Choorna Kizhi - Cotton bags contain medicinal powders.

5. Avagaha Swedan: This is yet another method of body purification after relieving local pain and stiffness. Here medicinal decoction is collected in a bath tub and patient is made to sit in the same for a specific period of time. This has to be in such a way that affected parts gets fully immersed to Luke warm decoction. This is specially good for low back ache, Neuro ? Muscular  disorders and imparts mobility to joints.

6. Abhyangam: Here the entire body is massaged with medicated oil for about one hour. Highly improves blood circulation, renders soothing effect to entire skin and helps body metabolism to recoup its strength and functional efficiency. It is good to prevent lethargy, ageing, improves functions of skin and promotes sleep and general health.

7. Thakradhara: The patient is lies on the back and medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead continuously  for 45 – 60 minutes. It is very good for eye, ear and nose and cools your mind.

8. Medicated Steam bath The person is exposed to a steam bath with medicated herbs steamed in boiling water for 10-20 minutes. This  makes skin smooth and give good complexion for your skin and purifies the body. Also helps  to reduce stiffness, pain, obesity etc.

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